Traffic Defense

Glenn Robinson Cathey Memmer & Skaff PLC provides comprehensive and zealous representation for traffic defense matters, including speeding tickets, moving violations, reckless driving charges, driving under the influence charges, and possession of controlled substances. The consequences upon conviction of any of these offenses can vary widely, such as increased car insurance premiums, demerit points on your driving record, suspension of your license, an offense showing up on your criminal record, and in extreme cases incarceration. If you are a commercial driver, the consequences can be even more dire. In addition, often times a citation will be issued after an automobile accident and can have an impact on any civil litigation that may later arise. Even if you have a pre-payable ticket, it is wise to consult with an attorney about your specific circumstances and options.

Every case is different. From simple speeding tickets to reckless driving or driving under the influence charges, our lawyers will assess and prepare your case with the goal of attaining the best outcome possible for you. In some cases, that may mean a dismissal of the charge without you having to appear in court. In others, that may mean a reduction in the level of offense. We formulate defense strategies that are built to your specific case and circumstances. Even if you believe you are guilty and have no defense, we provide competent representation and can often ameliorate the penalties you may be facing.

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