Skilled Civil And Commercial Litigators

Glenn Robinson CatheyAt Glenn Robinson Cathey Memmer & Skaff PLC, our legal team is composed of skilled civil and commercial litigators who do not shy away from complex cases. Civil and commercial litigation can take various forms ranging from personal injury claims and insurance cases to business and commercial disputes.

Specific areas of our practice include the following:

Plaintiff Personal Injury

A life-changing split second can land you in the hospital when a semi-truck collides with your car or you fall on a slippery surface. Suddenly, career prospects, educational endeavors, personal pursuits, and everything about your life you once enjoyed are challenging, if not impossible.

Our lawyers will take on all aspects of your injury claim, from the initial consultation to the final outcome.

Litigation Defense

Glenn Robinson Cathey Memmer & Skaff PLC regularly represents individuals and defends insureds in personal injury claims arising from automobile accidents, defective products, premises liability, infliction of emotional distress, intentional misconduct, and negligence. Our extensive experience in the courtroom makes us ideally suited to advise clients on litigation, settlement and appeals of existing cases, as well as prevention of future disputes. This includes pre-litigation advice as well as the defense of negligence, breach of contract and other litigation matters which may arise. We also represent local governments in a wide variety of matters including negligence actions, employment disputes and civil rights violations.


Glenn Robinson Cathey Memmer & Skaff PLC represents insurers, reinsurers and self-insureds in a wide variety of recovery claims.

We also serve as legal counsel for national law firms specializing in subrogation matters.

Insurance Coverage

Our attorneys routinely handle insurance coverage matters for insurance companies, businesses and individuals considering and litigating questions of specific responsibility under issued policies of insurance.

Local Counsel

Glenn Robinson Cathey Memmer & Skaff PLC attorneys regularly appear as local counsel in Virginia for firms and businesses located outside of the Commonwealth of Virginia. We are able to appear on short notice before judges who know us and respect our abilities.

Local Government

We routinely defend local governments and other quasi-governmental entities in a wide range of matters including negligence actions, employment disputes and civil rights violations.

Retail and Hospitality

Glenn Robinson Cathey Memmer & Skaff PLC regularly represents national and local retailers and restaurants in Virginia's federal and state courts. Our attorneys have extensive experience with cases involving slip/trip/fall incidents, loss prevention, false imprisonment and security issues, third-party assaults, product liability, food borne illnesses, foreign objects in food cases, and other similar claims. In addition, we work with our clients to minimize such claims by providing regular safety and risk control seminars for managers and employees.

Commercial Litigation

We have years of experience working on behalf of businesses involved with claims involving breach of contract, fraud, employment disputes and other business torts and related causes of action.

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